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Trainers · Vets · Therapists · Saddlers · Researchers



Equine thermography plays a valuable and very specific role in today’s equine industry. Using a specialist infrared camera the White Horse thermographer can quickly and accurately detect the location of problems caused by injury or nerve damage. This detection can be up to two weeks in advance of any clinical signs.


Owners /Trainers are provided with images that meet the standards and protocols expected in the industry. These can be passed to a vet for diagnosis, thus saving the vet time on unnecessary exploration, the horse from unnecessary stress and discomfort - and you from unnecessary expense.






Our thermal camera maps temperature differences of the horse. Healthy animals have a symmetrical thermal pattern.











The Thermographic process


The science behind the process is the detection of minute differences in skin temperature of the horse which in turn can identify the location of an injury within the body.  A variation down to as little as 0.1 degree can be detected – compare this with a human hand that can, at best, notice a 2 degree difference.


The temperature differences are mapped through a colour calibrated image on the camera, accurately pinpointing the site of injury. Healthy animals will have a symmetrical thermal pattern whilst those with a problem will be asymmetrical. The White Horse thermographer is able to ‘read’ and identify the patterns and explain their meaning to the client.


It is recommended that a ‘whole horse’ image is undertaken at the outset as a benchmark against which all future imaging can be offered.


All images are saved electronically and are also available as hard copies if required.


·     Quickly pinpoints site of injury. Allows better targeted diagnostic tests. Saves time and money


·     Imaging undertaken at owner's premises - less stress for the horse


·      Non-invasive, non-contact - ideal for nervous horses


·      No sedation - no risk to horse, no additional cost


·      No radiation - safe for horse and handler 


·      Images meet standards and protocols expected by the veterinary industry


·      White Horse Thermographer available to discuss images with vet or owner on your behalf


·      Cost effective - from £45 + travel (group and series discounts available)



Cheaper alternative to MRI and Scintigraphy


For a fraction of the cost of a MRI or Scintigraphy scan White Horse Thermography will provide the equine vet and professional with a ‘whole horse’ thermal image which accurately pinpoints the location of problems caused by injury or nerve damage.


·      Relieves you of the need to purchase expensive capital equipment and undertake specialist staff training


·      Excellent cost-effective alternative for clients in need of a full body scan


       ·      Images meet standards and protocols expected by the veterinary industry



Injury Monitoring and Prevention


White Horse Thermography offer an on-going monitoring and preventative service to ensure sports and race horses are in peak condition prior to competition.


Regular imaging can reduce vet bills and help avoid many of the injuries which could affect a horse’s competitive career.


·      Monitoring during training for injury


·      Detect early warning signs


·      Helps reduce vet bills


        ·      Discounts for regular users







Monitoring a healthy horse gives you reassurance that any early physiological changes can be picked up before more serious damage occurs.



Injury Diagnosis


·      Accurate location of problem area allows better targeted diagnostic tests by your vet - saves time and money


·       Provides owner/ trainer with images that meet the standards and protocols expected in the industry


·       White Horse Thermographer available to discuss images with third party on your behalf







The thermal image quickly identifies the location of abnormal temperature patterns, thus allowing a faster, easier diagnosis by the vet.



Treatment Monitoring & Rehabilitation


Equine Therapists in particular will benefit from the ability of White Horse Thermography to inexpensively monitor the effectiveness of treatment after injury. This also enables a visual and creditable illustration of the treatment’s progression to be shared with the client.


Monitoring helps decisions to be confidently made on whether to adapt treatment to suit current conditions, and to give pointers as to when, and by how much, a horse should return to work.







White Horse Thermography enables practitioners to visually share the progress of treatment with clients and discuss any necessary adjustments.



Saddle Fitting


Equine thermography is increasingly being called upon by saddlers as an additional aid with the perfect fit of a saddle and to identify saddle problems. Our thermal image will show exactly where pressure is being placed and demonstrate the effect this is having on the horse’s back.


The White Horse thermographer will work with saddlers either on a regular or ad hoc basis.





Rider Evaluation


Poor balance, often unbeknown by the rider, can have a highly detrimental effect on the wellbeing and performance of the horse.


A White Horse thermal image ‘reading’ taken before and after a horse has been ridden will quickly identify problem areas such as uneven weight distribution.








A thermal scan of the underside of the saddle (above), alongside a scan of the equine back, will show exactly how and where the saddle is placing pressure on the horse.