How White Horse Thermography

helps the Horse Owner






Our infrared camera can detect differences in skin temperature

as subtle as 0.1°C


Poor performance but don’t

know why?


White Horse Thermography will show you, instantly and in picture form, exactly where a problem is occurring in your horse. Indeed, our thermographer can detect a problem up to two weeks before it becomes clinically evident. And the thermal image can show whether it is an injury or nerve damage.


Saves you time and money


This accurate location of a problem area allows better targeted diagnostic tests by your vet, thus saving time and unnecessary exploration. Better for your horse – and better for your pocket!



The science explained simply


Using a highly sensitive infrared camera we can detect minute differences in the skin temperature of your horse, as subtle as a 0.1 degree variance (compared with a human hand which at best can detect a 2 degree difference).


These temperature differences are mapped through a colour calibrated image on the camera which will accurately pinpoint the site of the injury. Healthy animals will have a symmetrical thermal pattern whilst those with a problem have an asymmetrical pattern which the White Horse thermographer, trained to ‘read’ the image (just as a radiographer would ‘read’ an x-ray) will be able to identify. All images are saved electronically and are available as hard copies.


Examples of injury or damage that can be pinpointed include:

·    Ligament and tendon stress or damage

·    Joint and skeletal problems

·     Muscle tears, bruises or strains

·     Muscular asymmetry

·     Back problems and pain

·     Nerve damage and injury

·     Hoof balance and foot problems

·     Dental problems


It is recommended that a full body thermographic scan is taken of the horse at the outset. This will become the benchmark against which any future images can be compared.


·    Pinpoints site of injury - allows more targeted diagnostic tests by vet. Saves time and money.


·     Imaging undertaken at your premises - less stress for your horse


·     No sedation - no risk to horse, no additional cost


·     Detects problems before clinically evident


·     Visual process - you can see results at first hand


·     Electronic and/ or hard copies are available to you the owner as well as to your vet for diagnosis


·     White Horse Thermographer available to discuss images with vet on your behalf



 Use White Horse Thermography as a monitor…


...During recovery after an injury

To ensure your horse is not returned to work too early and to assess how recovering injuries are coping with increasing demands.


...During training to prevent injuries

Early warning signs of problems before they become clinically evident can help avoid injuries and reduce vet bills.





Our thermal scan can show areas of abnormal temperature up to 2 weeks before lameness is evident - allowing early intervention to prevent problems.


Saddle Fitting and Rider Balance


Most owners at one time or another face the question of whether their saddle fits correctly. White Horse Thermography will provide the answer.




A thermal scan of the underside of the saddle (above), alongside a scan of the equine back, will show exactly how and where the saddle is placing pressure on the horse.


·    We can visually show whether your existing saddle is fitting correctly for the wellbeing of the horse and comfort of the rider


·    Help you choose a new saddle that fits perfectly


·    Highlight any rider imbalance which can influence your horses performance and exacerbate problems e.g. bad back or lameness


·    Be happy to work alongside your saddler to help achieve the best result