Professional Thermal Imaging

for horse owners and the equine industry

in Sussex and Kent


Equine thermography is a specialist application of infrared imaging technology widely used in the United States and Europe by horse owners, vets, the equine industry and equine research establishments as an aid for problem diagnosis and injury prevention.


Our trained thermographer - highly qualified in equine science and with an excellent understanding of the equine industry – uses an ultra sensitive infrared camera to ‘look into your horse’ to detect subtle temperature differences against the norm, which is the earliest indicator when things go wrong. The resulting image accurately pinpoints problem areas within the body and differentiates between injury and nerve damage.


The White Horse philosophy is to combine the science and unique advantages of equine thermography with an overriding concern for the welfare of the horse.



White Horse Thermography

benefits your horse…and you



·    Highlights common injuries up to 2 weeks prior to clinical signs


·    Non-invasive, non-contact – ideal for nervous horses


·    Fast and silent


·    No radiation – safe for horse and handler


·    Provides images to meet standards and protocols expected by veterinary industry


·    Conducted by highly qualified equine science professional on your own premises


·    Cost effective - from £45 + travel (group and series discounts available)



















Thermal scan pinpoints area of pain to right hind hoof, showing marked increase in heat when compared to left hind hoof.